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Desingerode is one of the oldest places in the "Untereichsfeld" with more than 1050 years. 550 people live in this quiet part of Duderstadt, whose center has preserved its distinctive face through many half-timbered buildings. "Regrettably," the local mayor says, "the infrastructure goes back in the village, so it is very important to be able to hold the municipal kindergarten." The kindergarten is well attended with 45 children. A sponsoring association founded in 2006 takes care of donations and supports the work of the kindergarten. Children are to Desingerode because of the heart. Since the playground in the parish garden is not so ideal there, you would like to move this fall to the other side of the moat. The Local Government alone approved 3,000 euros for this measure. The children of the village can therefore look forward to a great playground equipped with new toys.

In view of the village structure, the preservation of the village's core is an important topic in the 550 inhabitants. But also for new growth is taken care, because in the area "behind the grund" is a new peasant maintenance country, which is to open up young families a perspective in Desingerode.

The club life in Desingerode is intact, since recently there is again a football team, whose games many viewers find. The "Desingeröder Carnevals Club" organizes beautiful festivals not only in the mad days, but also organizes an Oktoberfest on 20 September 2014. From 5 to 27 October (see the calendar of events), the shooting festival of the Kyffhäuser camaraderie takes place, with kings shooting, shooting ball, proclamation of the kings and a joint breakfast and lunch.

The volunteer fire brigade with its approximately 30 active members is also a permanent authority in the village life, which is also revitalized by Kolping and Kirchenchor. (Rgy)