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A village seen quite differently

from Reinhard Schulzig, March 2005, translated by the webmaster (as well I′m able)

Desingerode does not lie on the large and wide streets. Through the village leads only a small country road. The large and wide streets run before the gates of the village, although the construction of the bypaß road for Esplingerode has attracted the federal road closer to Desingerode.

The visitor is greeted by an imposing wooden sign depicting the rose, the coat of arms of Desingerode. The rose is not only the image of beauty and elegance, it is also a reference to the history of the village. In 1308 Johann von Desingerode used the rose in his seal. The sign also says that Desingerode belongs to the very old villages in the Eichsfeld. In 2002 the first documentary mention of the village was celebrated 1050 years ago. Still further back in history lies the origin of the hill graves in the Desingeröder forest, which have originated centuries before the birth of Christ.

No matter which direction you come to Desingerode, you will meet a more or less large farm. Agriculture is still an important economic activity in Desingerode, although the number of main farmers is declining. If you look at such farms, especially the small ones, you'll find pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, cats and, of course, a farm dog.

The witnesses of the faith of the people here: the "pillar" of sandstone carved with pictures, flowers and representations of saints, some of which are more than 300 years old and remind us of history Desingerodes, which had belonged to the Archbishopric of Mainz for many centuries. While in other areas the Reformation succeeded, the Eichsfeld and thus also Desingerode remained Catholic.

The unmistakable sign of the faith of Desingeröder is your village church "Saint Mauritius and Companions". Erected on a mountain in the village, it has been standing there for almost 250 years. Anyone who enters this godeshouse will feel that the sky is opening up for him. In the Baroque, the churches were very beautiful, because one wanted to get to heaven in the church.

In the middle of the village stands the "Dorflinde" on the "Thieplatz". Though there is no one in the village to this place, Thieplatz, but its shape and location, it is modeled on such a historic meeting place. The lime tree, which stands here, is a still young tree that was planted only in 1987. Before this stood a mighty tree, planted in 1844, which had inclined sharply to the north in its urge to light. In its thunder of the year 1986 this tree broke short over the roots. Many generations have played under the canopy of this tree and many have rested on the small bench which stands there. A memorial stone reminds of the big old lime tree.

When you come from Seulingen over the mountain to Desingerode, you see that Desingerode also has a modern face. Up here on the "Klimp" and on the "Wanneweg", new houses have been built, where young families who have built their "nest" have been born here, and the future of Desingerodes begins here, and elsewhere in the village, next to the sports ground, where Desingerode has grown in size, and has grown to 550. The village is about 5km2.

The Desingeröder, who have been given the nickname "goatbucks", are people with both legs in life. They have a lot of humor, but are also a bit sensitive. The community and the village community are given great importance here. The meeting points are the Pfarrheim, the sports house, the fire station, the shooting range of the Kyffhäuser camaraderie and also the hall of the former Freckmann restaurant.

But let's go further in Desingerode. There are many small dreamy side streets. In order to see these streets, you only have to turn off "Desingeröder Straße". The "Mauritiusstraße" and "Christian-Krebs-Straße" are beautiful examples of these small streets. For example, the "Gänsepark-Stadion", the sports ground, home to the athletes, is located on "Burgstraße".

And, of course, in Desingerode, there are still commercial enterprises, such as, A car master shop, an electric motor dealer and a building cleaning company. The Desingeröder are proud of their kindergarten. The village has some associations: the women's community, the sports club DJK ("Deutsche Jugend Kraft"), the Kyffhäuser camaraderie, the volunteer fire brigade and the Kolpinggemeinschaft, even a carneval club.

At the edge of the village is the cemetery, where the remains are buried, to which we owe our village today.

There is much more to see in Desingerode in the city of Duderstadt and in the Eichsfeld.