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Carnivals-Club Desingerode DCC

On March 2nd, 1981, the DCC, Desingeröder Carnevals-Club (carnival-club Desingerode), was founded with 16 founding members.
In the carnivals-session 1981/1982 a move through the village was organized for the first time on Carnivals Monday (Rosenmontag) 1982.
In comparison to today's parades, it was still quite primitive, with carts and handcarts, but still...

Karl-Heinz and Marion Madeheim were proclaimed as the first pair of princes. They were followed over the years by more couples to this day.

Further details can be found in the Local Chronical (Ortschronik), which is available from

Administrative Office
Desingeröder Str. 32
37115 Duderstadt / Desingerode