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Fire Department Desingerode

On May 1st, 1953, the volunteer fire brigade Desingerode was founded, after a previous meeting between the County Fire-Chief Röling and some
prospective customers from Desingerode. The founders included Karl Weber, Karl Becker, Johannes Weber, Manfred Schindler, Hermann Napp, Ernst
Freckmann, Wilhelm Napp, Robert Boeke, Friedrich Napp and Franz-Josef Sottmann. As a result, the fire-rescue at that time consisted of only one
group, in crew 1:8 and the Local Fire-Chief.

The command was made by Karl Weber, the Local Fire-Chief, the Group-Leader Karl Becker and the Secretary Wilhelm Napp.

Further details can be found in the Local Chronical (Ortschronik), which is available from

Administrative Office
Desingeröder Str. 32
37115 Duderstadt / Desingerode