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The Church-Parish Council

The church-parish council is elected for four years. Its members are introduced by the priest to their office. The parish council serves the construction of a living community and thereby the church's mission to salvation and the world. He has the task to assist in all social concerns of the community in an advisory or decision-making way. The parish council is to:

- advise the pastor and assist in the performance of his duties
- Establish pastoral guidelines for community work
- to comment on the presidency of the Church's executive committee
- encourage, promote and coordinate the work of organizations and groups
- Decide on the implementation of common tasks and create necessary facilities
- inform the bishop about the local situation before resetting the parish
- represent the concerns of the church community in public

Source: Statute of the parish council

Further details can be found in the Local Chronical (Ortschronik), which is available from

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