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Kirchenchor (Church Choir) St. Mauritius

from Elisabeth Wollborn (secretary)

The "Church Choir St. Mauritius" is the youngest founded club in Desingerode.

The first meeting of some singing-minded citizen of Desingerode, but not yet the founding year, was on the occasion of the confirmation on 22.05.84
by the then pastor Henry, who acted as choral director. Until 1986 the "Sangesfreunde" met every Tuesday evening for the choir sample in the
parsonage from Desingerode. By transferring pastor Henry's to Hildesheim Itzum and then to his home country Sri Lanka the choir sample
temporarily slept.

The resurrection of the choir, at the same time also the official founding year, was initiated by the commitment of some women from Desingerode
on the occasion of the confirmation on 22.04.1992.

Further details can be found in the Local Chronical (Ortschronik), which is available from

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