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Kyffhäuser-camaraderie Desingerode

The first mention of the Desingerode warrior association is no longer to be understood by means of documents or protocol books,
nor by research by the executive committee. It can only be proved by the present banner on which the year 1881 is attached.
The logbooks were probably lost in the war ravages of the Second World War, for the warrior associations were prohibited during the
Hitler dictatorship.
On December 27th, 1964, 19 members of the warrior association Desingerode met in the "Restaurant Freckmann" for a meeting, in which it was
decided that the warrior association Desingerode would join to the "Kyffhäuser Bund". The meeting was chaired by Duderstadt district chairman
Werner Markfeld and the chairman of the Kyffhäuser camaraderie Duderstadt Willi Suchland. In a vote the membership in the Kyffhäuserbund was
decided and the first chairman of the Kyffhäusererkamadschaft Desingerode was elected.

Further details can be found in the Local Chronical (Ortschronik), which is available from

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