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Rollerfreunde Desingerode

(Juni 2017 in Kals am Großglockner)

May we announce ourselves?

We are six scooter / motorcyclists who in the now "abundant" free-time more or less regularly make smaller (day-) tours in neighboring areas. As we have been touring for several years now, it is increasingly difficult for us to find "new" travel destinations. So we often go to the Harz, where there are many places worth seeing. Even the eastern Harz is no longer foreign to us, even like Northern Hessen and Eastern Westfalia. We have also made several-day trips, such as to the Mosel and to Austria (Kals am Grossglockner). The next larger, so multi-day trip will probably go to northern Germany.

Most of our vehicles are scooters of different sizes and power. A motorcycle (125cm³) is also included. The 125 class is the most represented anyway. Two scooters have 300cm³ cubic capacity and one even 650cm³. But no matter how "strong" the vehicles are - we want to travel and not to race! We usually do not drive faster than 80 to max. 100 km/h, even the "bigger" and powerful scooters could drive much faster.

Like-minded people would like to be seen. If you want to join us, just sign up one of the scooter-friends or the webmaster. The persons are probably well known by name.